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My wife, Dr. Angela Dwyer, is a veterinarian who practices in Holliday.  She was valedictorian at her high school and went to veterinary school at Oklahoma State University - (Go Pokes!)


Lera Mae

We have a wonderful daughter, Lera.  Lera attends Holliday ISD, as her father, and great-grandparents did.  We live in the same house as I did as a child, here in Archer County.



Things with wheels.

My Prized Wheels of Yesteryear

Me with my bike at my grandparent's house sometime in the late 1970s.  Apparently I insisted on having a photo taken with it.  What’s a childhood without a good bike, a capgun, Batman comics and some great memories?

1973 Dodge Challenger

I have had a passion for classic cars for as long as I can remember.  My uncles say that even when I was a toddler, my favorite pastime was to “play cars”.   I still do, and have had this Challenger for over 20 years.  Prior to that I had a 1970 Dodge Charger R/T, a 1968 Super Bee, & others.  My first car was an old Plymouth Fury former police car…


A Brief Biography

I was born to Texans from Archer County who were posted at Travis Air Force Base at the time.  As a small child, we returned to Texas.  As a boy, I lived in the very same house in Archer County that I live in today.  I attended elementary at Holliday I.S.D. then later, the Episcopal School in Wichita Falls. 

When I was a teenager, one of my younger half-brothers was abducted by his father and taken to Canada. 

My former step-father unlawfully took him there to thwart our mother’s parental custody granted by the courts here.  My mother moved us there in hopes that the Canadian courts would quickly return my brother to us.  Months turned to years in this slow legal process, and I stayed with her until the final ruling years later.

Meanwhile, I had always wanted to serve in the military as much of my family had, so I joined the Canadian Forces. 

I served in the Army Military Police for four years, also serving overseas including volunteering for Operation Friction, (Desert Storm). 

Upon my honorable discharge, I returned home to attend Midwestern State University in 1992.  It was good to be back in Texas after being away and to several other countries for almost nine years.