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Since joining the Army Military Police at the age of 18, I found that I performed very well in law enforcement and enjoyed the service and sense of accomplishment.  As a veteran who was deployed to other countries, I have a strong sense of duty and  appreciation of the liberties we enjoy as Americans.
During my law enforcement career I have had the opportunity to serve in almost all areas of a Sheriff’s Office. Jailer, Patrol Deputy, SWAT team member, Police Instructor, Criminal Investigator, Sergeant, Lieutenant and Chief Deputy.  I have been Chief Deputy since 2013.



I hold Texas Commission On Law Enforcement (TCOLE) Master Peace Officer & Jailer Certifications.  The Master certification is the highest level possible. 

The Archer County Sheriff’s Office requires an experienced and qualified person as Sheriff.  I am that person.  There is no area of the Sheriff’s Office that I am unfamiliar with.  I will begin on my first day to perform the job with the training, knowledge and experience that others may take years to accumulate.



I have earned over 4,300 certified hours of law enforcement training, including advanced training in homicide, sexual assault, infant deaths, bloodstain pattern analysis, crime scene reconstruction, shooting reconstruction & ballistics, cellular phone forensics and interviewing/interrogation plus a DEA clandestine drug lab investigation certification.  I have used this extensive training to solve the most serious of crimes from Homicides to Sexual Assaults of Children in Archer County.  I have worked almost every other manner of crime from computer fraud to thefts to burglaries.  I have a reputation for being very thorough and I am relentless in my pursuit of those that victimize others.


A Smooth Transition.

Historically, some candidates for Sheriff have announced plans to make major staffing and policy changes.  I have no such plans, as the Archer County Sheriff’s Office is already very organized and well-managed.  The current employees are some of the best trained and dedicated in the business.

As my grandfather was fond of saying, “if it ain’t broken, don’t fix it.”  I hope to make what is best about our Sheriff’s Office even better, and work  to improve on areas that need attention.


I am running to be your Sheriff because I care about your safety, property and Constitutional Rights.


As your Sheriff, I will uphold and strongly support the United States Constitution, including the 2nd Amendment.

I humbly ask for your support and vote as I continue to serve you and the members of the Archer County Sheriff’s Office.